Asteroids & Astrology: Asteroid Fraternitas (309)

Asteroids & Astrology : Fraternitas (309) // Latin for Fraternity—”a group of people sharing a common profession or interests”

Asteroid fraternitas in the birth chart points to the areas of life where the native has the potential to create or participate in a group with a specific, typically career related, purpose.

It’s giving “love what you do, never work a day in your life” vibes.

For Example:

Justin Timberlake has asteroid Fraternitas (309) in his Gemini 11H trine his 7H Sun and 3H Jupiter and Saturn—he was truly N’sync *wink wink* with his band mates &a lot of his career success is due to his involvement in the group; and lot of his projects involve other celebs.

Tom Brady has asteroid Fraternitas (309) in his Leo 11H conjunct Saturn—football is a team sport! That’s his job and it’s something he is passionate about and known for.

Note: the 11H rules fraternities; Fraternitas is at home here.

*TW // Hate Groups/Murder*

The KKK in the United States has asteroid Fraternitas (309) conjunct its sun & mercury—the day this group murdered a group of people who were protesting against them transit Fraternitas was conjunct the KKK’s ascendant.

Asteroid Fraternitas & You!

Generally speaking, wherever Fraternitas is in your birth chart is the area where you’ll be able successfully collaborate with other people and, hopefully, find success—although the depends on aspects to the planets and, of course, your definition of success!

In my chart, Fraternitas is the 7H and it’s trine my 3H Jupiter—one interpretation of this could be creating a successful podcast (3H ruling communication) with my husband (7H ruiling relationships). It’s something I would love to do!

A good way to “test the waters” of your Fraternitas placement would be to join social media groups that relate to the themes and areas of your birth chart that Fraternitas makes prominent aspects to and the house and sign —you never know, it may be useful in finding a side hustle or career!

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