Asteroids & Astrology — Asteroid Amicitas (367) // Political Allies & Ambitions

asteroid amicitas

Asteroid Amicitas (367)

Asteroid Amicitias (367) // Political Allies // Amicitas is Latin for friendship but it’s use is tied more to politically aligned, amicable relationships than gal pals or bffs. Planning to run for office one day?? check it’s placement in synastry/composite charts!

Note: this is a purely observational post // not endorsing anything but the relevance of another asteroid you can utilize in your own life

Kamala Harris has as 2H Cancer Amicitas it’s conjunct America’s Cancer sun at the exact degree! It’s also conjunct America’s 8H Cancer Amicitas. Her Amicitas is trine Joe Biden’s 12H Scorpio Mars // for her a step up; for him, procurement of a legacy—it works.

On the flipside, Joe Biden’s natal Amicitas is square Kamala’s Amicitas // I don’t think it’s a stretch to think they don’t see eye to eye on everything & it’s Harris who has to take the backseat.

Joe Biden’s Amicitas is sextile Barack Obama’s Mars at the exact degree but also squares Obama’s ascendant (friction with the image Obama wanted and what he got?) Barack Obama’s Amicitas is trine Joe Biden’s Mars at the exact degree!

Barack Obama, like Kamala Harris, has a cancer Amicitas that’s conjunct America’s sun and natal Amicitas. So, yeah—politically: noice!

I understand if you’re not into politics this asteroid might be a lil meh BUT if politics is your thing…partner up with people who have aspects to your natal Amicitas. If you really want to jumpstart your career, look for a place that has its sun aspecting your Amicitas.

One more note: the last president has asteroid Amicitas conjunct America’s Ascendant at the exact degree but it’s retrograde…..almost as if the image of the country…went backwards a little bit.

One MORE note: Hilary Clinton? The woman who was “supposed” to be America’s first woman president? Her Amicitas is exactly conjunct America’s Chiron (both in Aries—the ram, the beginning, new paths and such)

In closing, if you’re at all interested in a political career you would be wise to join up with someone who’s Amicitas makes positive aspects within your birth chart!

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