Ingredient: chicken broth

Ham and Potato Soup with Roasted Red Pepper and Rosemary
Crockpot, Potato, Soup, Soups On!

Ham and Potato Soup with Roasted Red Pepper and Rosemary

This Ham and Potato Soup with Roasted Red Pepper and Rosemary is flavorful, warming, and hearty—chunks of ham, potatoes, and onions all swimming in a delicious, creamy rosemary flavored broth. Hocus Po-tato! October is here! My cauldron…errr…crockpot— has been putting in the work lately. I’ve been whipping up roasts, stews, and soups like it’s nobody’s […]

Oven Roasted Chicken with Cherries
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Oven Roasted Chicken with Cherries

Chicken with Cherries It’s not a common combination, not like chicken and carrots or chicken and peas, but—in my humble opinion— the combination is just as delicious. The flavor of cherries falls somewhere between earthy, bitter tartness and pleasant, fruity sweetness. Similar to pineapples, cherries taste great in savory dishes. However, where pineapple really highlights […]

Steak and Cheese Stuffed PEppers
Stuffed Peppers, Weeknight Meals

Steak and Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Steak and Cheese Stuffed Peppers What’s not to love about meaty, gooey cheese filled bites of deliciousness contained in their own edible cup of yum. Am I right? These peppers are stuffed full of steak, cheddar cheese, rice, onions, and a handful of spices. You know…when “Stuffed Pepper Saturday” takes off you’ll be ahead of […]

Soup, Chicken, Rice Noodle

Thai Style Chicken Noodle Soup

Flavored with lemongrass and Thai basil, this fresh take on a classic American soup is a treat for your taste buds. And the heat from the jalapenos? Absolute fire! (In the best way!) What inspired this recipe? My husband and I were spending $50 every weekend at our local Thai restaurant. Sure, it’s great for […]

Soup, Bean

White Bean and Ham Soup

This is my go-to recipe when it comes to getting more fiber and protein in my diet! It’s super easy-to-make. Beans – soak em’ , boil em’, season em’ and blend em’! Stir in ham and top with diced hard boiled egg. Huzzah! You’ve got yourself a filling, hearty bowl full of delicious, nutritious white […]

One Pot, Rice

Jalapeno Jambalaya

How many jalapenos are too many jalapenos? This is the question I asked myself while staring at the container of Jalapenos sitting on my kitchen counter. 1/2 lb of Jalapenos! That’s a lot of jalapenos. That’s gotta be too hot, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it’s the perfect amount of heat? Now, I like spicy […]