About the Blog

The Booyah Buffet is real food, real easy—recipes for the every person, easy, home-cooked, and delicious.

The name’s Ashlea. I do all of the writing, cooking, photography, and plenty of other hoopla over here at the Booyah Buffet.

I’m An Eater.

I didn’t grow up watching my mom or grandmother cooking in the kitchen. I slept until noon and showed up with a plate when everything was done UNLESS I was recruited for taste testing. And when the prayer was said, I may have waited until the rest of the family’s plates were full but you better believe I stacked mine high and got to work, absolutely throwing down on macaroni and cheese, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, crab casserole, potato salad, basically, all of the carbs with some greens and ham tossed in for good measure.

I didn’t start cooking until I met my husband. I started cooking recipes from Pinterest—almost always feeling like something was missing. Then, one day I got it in my head that I could create my own recipes!

Booyah Buffet is Born.

This isn’t the first food blog I started. There was Kitchen Curiosity and then, Fruitfully Blessed, and finally I landed on Booyah Buffet—yes, I absolutely have a thing for alliteration.

Writers are often told to write the story that they want to read. Well, that’s what I’m aiming to here except I’m developing recipes that take the familiar and mold them into something new, fresh, and most of all, delicious!

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