Real Food. Real Easy: The Booyah Buffet Recipe Index

Are you hungry? Search here for all the easy-to-make, delicious recipes that the Booyah Buffet has to offer.

Real Easy Recipes



Open Face Beef Roast Sandwiches

Spicy Chili Pork and Beans with Bacon and Jalapeno

Sweet Pepper Pot Roast (Crock Pot)

Beef Stew with Pinto Beans

Steak and Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Sheet Pan Onion Burgers

Bacon Cheeseburger Enchiladas


Cajun BBQ Chicken Chickpea Pasta

Thai Style Chicken Noodle Soup

Oven Roasted Chicken with Cherries


Garlic Brown Sugar Bratwurst and Sauerkraut

Jalapeno Jambalaya

White Bean and Ham Soup

Ham and Cheese Stuffed Peppers


Side Dish

Roasted Red Pepper and Cherry Gazpacho

Minted Lime and Cucumber Salad

Sauerkraut Coleslaw

Sweet Treat

Frosted Pumpkin Pie

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